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疾风知劲草 习近平领航高质量发展


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爱国情·奋斗者 广东绿道引领绿色生活 第六届“粤治·治理现代化”交流会 "中国梦"主题新创作歌曲展 广东省药品科普进基层活动月

民生实事落到群众心坎 映照为民初心和决心


广东省文明办 南方报业传媒集团 广东楹联学会征集2020年道德春联启事

News Guangdong

CASS predicts 6% GDP growth in 2020

China's GDP growth is expected to be about 6 percent in 2020, The Beijing News said quoting the latest report from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

Light rail opens to public in China's Macao

Photo taken on Dec. 10, 2019 shows a light rail train in south China's Macao Special Administrative Region. The light rail in Macao opened to public on Tuesday.

International graduate students: Will you stay or go?

As an international student in China, would you choose to stay or return home after graduation? On December 5th, a job fair and talent exchange forum was held to examine these two options and offer employment opportunities to African students studying in Guangdong. Over 300 African students, representatives from 150 enterprises, officials from over 10 consulates general of African countries in Guangzhou, and Chinese government officials attended the event.

Why do Western media ignore China's documentary on Xinjiang?

An English language documentary, Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang, which was aired on China's state broadcaster CGTN on Thursday, unprecedentedly exposed the trauma that violent terrorism and religious extremism have brought about to the region. It has garnered extensive attention on overseas social media platforms.

Tony Awards best musical ‘Titanic The Musical’

‘Titanic’ is a musical of the famous sailing and sinking of ‘The Ship of Dreams’, with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston and based on a narrative by Peter Stone. The musical opened on Broadway in 1997. The pair have collectively won an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, an Olivier Award and three Tony Awards. ‘Titanic The Musical’ swept the 1997 musical Tony Awards winning all five awards it had been nominated for including the award for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book.

Guangdong companies to make youths’ basketball dream come true

Lingnan Holdings, a Guangzhou-based company leading in tourism, signed a cooperative agreement with Guangdong Southern Tigers, one of the best-performing teams in the Chinese Basketball Association, and Yi Camp on December 9th, aiming to further cooperation in the fields of sports and tourism and provide the young with more sports training options.
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